Cookie Definition

Cookies (sometimes referred to as HTTP cookies, internet cookies, web cookies, or browser cookies) are text files that have been created by a web server as discrete data chunks for saving the activity carried out by users on that specific website.

How Does Cent Course Use Your Cookies?

Cent Course uses cookies on our website to perform necessary administration and operation tasks, such as tracking and optimization, as well as to store user data that has already been submitted into request forms, including names, passwords, addresses, email addresses, and other personal information.

Your personal recognition information will not be touched without you agreeing with our cookie policies and other terms and conditions, including privacy policies.


Cent Course uses the following types of cookies:

  • Session Cookie: produced and used as a user browses our website. When a user closes a browser tab, the session cookie expires and is deleted.
  • Persistent Cookie: produced as soon as a person accesses the website. Only after a certain period does the persistent cookie expire. It is primarily used to store your account login information to avoid having to enter your login information each time you visit.

How Does Cent Course Manage Your Cookie?

On leaving our page, session cookies are instantly deleted. By manually selecting the appropriate choices while emptying the browsing data of your program, persistent cookies can be also removed. Users have the option to refuse to give Cent Course their cookie information, however, doing so may prevent some website features from functioning properly, including giving you suitable information and advertisements.

Which Type of Cookies Does Cent Course Use?

Performance Cookie

Performance cookie is generated as Cent Course gathers and stores certain information about you as you use our website, browser type, including your operating system, internet service provider, Internet Protocol address, the website that brought you to us, the website you are leaving after arriving there, time stamps, and click-through data.

Without further investigation of your personal information, Cent Course uses these cookie data for statistical analysis, operation functionalities, and other optimization to enhance the user experience on our website.

Advertising Cookie

Cent Course allows third-party advertisers to display their advertisements on our website. Utilizing advertising cookies and web beacons, the advertisers gather anonymous data about your browsing habits to deliver the most relevant and customized adverts to you.

Please note that Cent Course bears no responsibility for the content shown in any advertisement placement as it diversifies from user to user while Cent Course has no means to control such a thing. And also, please be aware that you will still see standard adverts if you decide not to accept our use of advertising cookies.


The use of tracking technology by any form of third-party partners or advertising is completely outside of Cent Course’s authority and control. None of our policies mention their applications or usages.

Cookies, images, gifs, and instructions are all tools that third-party marketers and partners may employ to manage adverts more effectively on our website. Cent Course is not accountable for this action and does not have the right to access or manage them.